Sample Essay

To strengthen case reliability, triangulated data collection is planned. In addition, in many ways, the case is actually typical among other Afghan interpreters working for ISAF. This follows the definition for typical case strategy (Miles and Huberman, 1994). Several sampling strategies were incorporated for selection of the case; thus, combination sampling strategy is in use for this study.

The role of the researcher is an integral part of the evaluative process in the qualitative research. Since interpretation is a major part of all research, I am preparing to maintain vigorous interpretation during data collection and analysis in order to arrive at assertions. With almost three decades of acquired knowledge and skills adaptable to the research field, I will rely on these proficiencies to conduct my data collection and analysis. I am a certified teacher of mathematics, music and elementary and secondary education. Prior to the classroom, more than ten years were spent in insurance investigation and claims work. The occupation included extensive ‘on-the-job’ training in organization, communication and interviewing skills. I was also deployed to Kuwait and Afghanistan, respectively, and have over 15 years in the United States military acquiring certain proficiency as a planner, liaison, administrator and human resource specialist.

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