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Gulf of Mexico has been the worst oil spill in the History of United States of America. Before this disaster, Exxon Valdez spill of 1989 was considered the worst oil spill but due to nonstop leakage of crude oil from the well dug by BP, the record damage has been made threatening loss of marine life from the water for almost a decade and loss of employment for the people of Louisiana. The damage can be prolonged as the oil spill has scattered on a very large area and is now spread towards Mississippi and Alabama. In order to control this catastrophic situation, Government of USA and BP must come up with immediate plan to stop the leakage and clean the oil spill so that marine life could return quick and the life of people living near the coast gets better in time (Streissguth, 2000, p. 112) .

In order to keep the situation under control and bring the things back to normal, a lot of efforts and money would be involved. It is estimated that BP up till now has spent a billion of dollars just in effort to seal the well and still trying hard to keep the well sealed within few days. In order to clean the oil slick, even more expenditure would be incurred plus high technology machinery would be used to in order to get the water cleaned within a small passage of time (Parks, 2006, p. 201).

To conclude, immediate efforts are required to deal with such chaotic situations in time so that loss is minimized and not much damage is done. Resources on the other hand must be managed effectively so that desired benefits for the well being of affected communities could be achieved and life could return back to normal (Burger, 1997, p. 120).

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