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The focal point for this chapter is event conceptualization and its three theories have been discussed. The first approach is termed as ‘localist approach’ and it has been referred from works of Gruber (1965) and Jackendoff (1990).

This approach has given importance to the events of motion and location since these form bases for grasping the idea of all the other events. The second approach is known as ‘aspectual approach’ and in this it has based argument realization on temporal and meteorological properties. These aspectual properties like telicity, incremental theme and measure all support in choosing the components of transitivity and also argument realization. The third approach is called ‘causal approach’ and in this the events are displayed as causal chains that are actually a number of sections in line and that which aim to relate the participants in any event. The casual approach has been referred from Talmy’s (1976, 1988) work. The work done my Talmy is directly related to semantic role lists and representation of any event while considering it’s participant and also the relationship amongst these roles. All this work described in this chapter borrows its groundwork from semantic role lists and representations that have been described in chapter 2 and 3.

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