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Jago et al. (2003) give the definition of destination as a place that provides a set of attractions, services, events and production to gain visitor experience. Hakinson (2005) and Liu and Gratton (2010) state that city branding or city image can help to attract tourists, business tourists and investment to their destinations. Many scholars agree that image in the tourism industry influence tourist’ behaviour such as destination choice and image that could help to make decision easily about where to travel (Heslop et al., 2010; Boo and Busser, 2006; Byon et al. 2009).

However, Jago et al. (2003) explain the relationship between destination events in that destinations use events to raise awareness of the destination or create an image of the destination. Bowdin et al. (2011) also support that destinations use events to be their opportunity to attract tourists to the destinations; for example, in 1999, the Welsh Tourist Board used the Rugby World Cup in Wales to attract visitors. As a result, more than 330,000 travellers visited Wales. It could be said that many countries use events to attract a large number of visitors to the regions and help to create the city’s image because image is one of the most important factors in the tourism industry. Image could help visitors to know about the places and help to encourage them to visit those places. Shukla et al. (2006) also agree that image is one of the factors that have influenced tourists in choosing to visit and explore a destination because sometimes it is difficult for people to decide where they want to go from the best variety of destinations. Travellers usually choose to visit places or cities with their favourite images. In addition, Kaplanidou and Vogt (2007) suggest that place image plays an important role in helping travellers to decide where to travel for the first time, and it also often encourages repeat visiting.

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