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Shone and Parry (2004) also explain the definition of events as special activities that set apart from the daily life activities such as exhibitions, weddings, sport days or annual conferences to celebrate, entertain, enlighten or challenge the experience of a group of people. Furthermore, the type of event can be defined according to their size, form and content. Bowdin et al. (2011) state that events are frequently characterised by size and scale; for example, the common events in this type are community events, major events, hallmark events and mega-events.  Community events are hosted by the local community and their main target audiences are usually local people. Major events are events that significantly attract a large number of visitors to attend these types of events and can attract global media coverage. Furthermore, hallmark events are events that allude to those events which become popular with the name of the place such as Notting Hill Carnival, and the last event in this type of event is the mega-event. Mega-events are large and so they can influence the whole region’s economy. If any cities want to host these events, they have to compete by bidding such as the Olympic Games and FIFA World Cup.

In addition, they consider that another common way to classify events is by their form or content such as cultural events, business events and sports events. Cultural events, which include festivals, are a form of events that pre-date the modern event industry because they have usually existed in most periods of time and in most societies. Business events, sometimes called MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions), are often arranged for business activities such as meetings, conferences, exhibitions and corporate events. Sport events are the oldest events and they are one of the fastest growth sectors of the event industry because they can attract a large number of audiences to attend and they can also attract media coverage (Bowdin et al., 2011).

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