Sample Essay

Bowdin et al. (2011) claim another reason encouraging many destinations to host events is because of the increase in leisure time which means people spend their money on travelling and most of them usually attend events or festivals in the destinations that they go to. Therefore, many regions use this opportunity to arrange events and festivals to attract tourists and it could also help to improve their economy. This could be explained in that, when tourists attend events in those destinations, they will spend their money in local shops, restaurants and hotels. Events also help to increase the number of jobs for local people.Getz (2008, p.403) states that ‘events are an important motivator of tourism, and figure prominently in development and marketing plans of most destinations’.

Therefore, many destinations have revived events as tourism to promote their destinations because such as events play an important role as attractors for tourists to their destinations (Flesenstein and Fleischer, 2003 and Kim et al., 2002). Furthermore, Kim et al. (2002) suggest that events and festivals are both tangible and intangible. An example of tangible benefits is an increase in income and tax revenues and intangible benefits are renewal of community pride and an enhanced image of a destination. However, it could be argued that events and festivals do not provide only positive benefits to host destinations but they also have negative impact to local people and local communities. Twyname and Johnstone (2004) support that events and festivals bring lots of benefits to the host cities but it could be recognise that they also have negative social and environmental impact such as increased crime, crowding and traffic that effect to local people. However, it could be said that events provide more benefits to host destinations rather than having negative impact. Therefore, this paper will investigate the importance of sports events in attracting tourists to visit seaside destinations and the role of sports events that help to build the city image.

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