Sample Essay

Again, in Othello, the deceiving forces of the evil are seen to fight against the blamelessness and innocence of good. As the play starts, Othello is shown to be a worthy leader and honorable soldier but as the play progresses; he changes to a murderer and kills his own wife. In spite of that, he is not remorseful.

And just like the saying goes “evil begets evil,” he soon falls into the trap of the cunning Iago—who, essentially, is the most evil character in the play. Nonetheless, Iago’s lies and deceit also go unnoticed and unpunished. His pretence to be honest, innocent and loyal to his superiors enables him to make a fool of all other characters thus succeeding (at the end of the play) despite using corrupt methods to get his success. This, according to most scholars, is a typical case of evil being glorified above good deeds; and if not checked, can cause immense corrosion to the moral fabric of a society.

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