Sample Essay

The term ‘Evil’ is a relative term that can mean so many things to so many people depending on the context under which it is viewed. However, in general—yet representative and inclusive—linguistic terms; evil simply refers to the perversion of good. In literature and linguistics, an evil is normally associated with immoral actions performed by a person or being.
In spite of being connoted in negative terms, abounding examples from various dramas are in existence to portray evil as being good. For instance, Jarbinks explicatively reports of how Milton, in the preliminary parts of his famous English poem Paradise Lost, portrays (to his audience) the immoral deeds of the character Satan as being good and worth emulating.

 On the other hand, Duilen suitably defines ‘Evil people’ as “Characters that place the motivations of selfishness and bettering of themselves (or their social/racial group) over the goals, happiness and lives of their fellow characters. Just in the same vein in which evil is sometimes literarily portrayed as being good and necessary; evil people are also, on several occasions, depicted in positive light. For example, in the classical English play, Macbeth, by Shakespeare; the key evil characters played by the three witches is, somewhat, illuminated in positive light despite the dark secrets they harbor throughout the play.

In spite of the literary twists and artistic turns that have been ensued in various dramas; it is remarkable to state that evil and evil people are more often than not used to denote immoral or bad acts.

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