Sample Essay

Our lives are affected by advertisements of different kinds every day, while we are home or outdoors, while watching TV, listening to the radio, riding a bus simply walking or reading a newspaper etc.

Different advertising techniques have different effect on each individual. For example, some are affected by brand managers, who impress upon as a celebrity; others are prone to slogans or billboards, musical ads on the radio or clips on the TV.

Now almost all products are launched along with an advertising campaign and this has resulted in tremendous advertising everywhere.

Every day, advertising techniques are changing and the evolution is in progress all the time, which is having different impact on the minds of different individuals.

With the passage of time advertising has become unethical, but still there are advertisements which are entertaining and attract the audience immediately giving boost to the sale of the product.

The changes are made so much so that different techniques are evolved and used to address different type of audience e.g. house wives, students, office workers  etc.

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