Sample Essay

Visit Timbuk2’s Web site ( and examine its product line. Work with a group of your classmates to brainstorm ideas for other products the company might consider offering. Explain the reasoning behind your choices.

A)  I think that Timbuk2 should seriously consider expanding its product line to include footwear, ladies handbags and mobile phone carrying cases. This is because it already uses materials, and fabrics that can be utilized in the production of these proposed products. Moreover, they already have the operating procedures, manufacturing, product designing and technology in place to produce these products. Launching these products will not be very costly for Timbuk2 because it will be using the same materials, and technology that is employed in its other products.  It will just need to customize designs to suit the needs of the proposed products. It already possesses a channel i.e. specialty stores, which is working fine for the company. It just needs to market the new products( made on existing technology) effectively through channels that are already in place.

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