Sample Essay

A good example of an English drama with such picturesque details is reported by Jarbinks who notes of the catchy discourse maintained from the start to the finish of Milton’s Paradise Lost. To Jarbinks, Paradise Lost uses a perfect blend of words to usher the audience into the insightful world of good versus evil where the character God (and his followers) represent good while Satan (and his cronies) represent evil. Then, through an intricately woven discourse, catchy phrases and mental scenery changes; Milton arrests the mind of the audience right from the start of the poem up to the finish of his highly revered masterpiece.

Another classical example of creativity is exemplified in the play Macbeth where Shakespeare, through a fitting choice of diction, shifts the audiences’ attention from the natural to supernatural using human characters like Macbeth, Duncan and Banquo on one end and the witches together with Banquo’s ghost (after his murder) on the other. This, no only ensures that the audience is captivated throughout the play but it also gives a distinct literary change from the narrow-scoped literature that existed at that time.

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