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Finally, a good number of English drama ironically used evil to expose a good or moral side of a story. In essence, this usage has been repeatedly used even in current English dramas which are full of dramatic twists resulting from the ironical situations. Consequently, when the dramas use evil characters in such instances; in actual sense, they are essentially trying to use their literary freedom to portray a good side of a story.

For instance, Jarbinks reports of how Milton—in Paradise Lost—begins the play by primarily introducing the audience into the evil deeds of the character Satan. In the poem, Satan is depicted as being full of evil and evil plans. His lies, manipulation—like when he tricks eve to eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden—explicates his disregard for good. But as the poem progresses, Milton introduces us to the goodness of the character God. At this point, the audiences’ views changes based on the decency and orderliness shown by the almighty. From here, repeated talks and meetings between Satan and God further augment the vitality of being morally upright as we see God winning through his goodness. The poem then ends on a punchy note with God marinating his principles with regards to good while Satan cast out of heaven.

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