Sample Essay

Following are some examples of knowledge and skills based schemes used in the USA. It gives a brief about the structure of the pay plan and presents research on their stakeholders view about the success or failure of the scheme.
Ingvarson, Kleinhenz & Wilkinson, (2007) quote example of Cincinnati Ohio school district who tested in the year 1999-2000, a pay scheme which evaluated teachers’ performance based on “Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching” standard. To move to a higher category on the five point salary scale the teachers had to demonstrate higher level of professional practice and failure to improve resulted in a salary cap. If the teachers didn’t move beyond the first two categories in fixed number of years, non-tenured teachers risked losing their jobs whereas tenured teachers risked eligibility for becoming lead teacher. Their placement in peer assistance program could be constrained or they could get a salary cut. The evidence for performance included six classroom observations and a portfolio prepared by the teacher (Ingvarson, Kleinhenz & Wilkinson, 2007).
Teachers, principals and administrators perceived the standard to be an accurate representation of good teaching and helped teachers improve their performance. They were better able to align their teachings with student standards and were able to reflect on the quality of their work. Organization, lesson planning and classroom management skills also improved; however the performance based pay scheme was seen to increase the workload for all. The teachers were uncertain about the evidence requirement and they questioned the subject knowledge and suitability of evaluators who conducted the evaluations. Lack of feedback from evaluators, observations occurring at unrepresentative times, fairness of the processes, processes being time consuming and stressful and salaries being at risk were some of the other concerns the teachers had (Ingvarson, Kleinhenz & Wilkinson, 2007).

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