Sample Essay

In GCC countries, non-customization has proven to be a success in a lot of cases.  High end luxury goods, perfumes and handbags in particular have been advertized in most women magazines using French or English Jargon. No Arabic lingo has been employed to market these products by the producers of such firms. The reason behind this marketing approach is logical. The brand offered is elite and global and the experience that is depicted is that of European sophistication and beauty.

Using the Arab look could be a disadvantage and dilute the elitist impact of the product while reducing its European value and stature. Another example could be from the financial and banking services. Firms that aim to stress on their global presence, world class systems and services, and international standards, would mostly prefer to use English in their attempt to reinforce their global positioning.  On the other hand, one can’t deny that certain products may be directed to the expatriate buyers who stand on another plane. For them their local lingo and jargon could be the source of attraction then most others where the source of attraction and the brand’s appeal. More than half of the GCC countries-UAE, Kuwait and Qatar in particular are essentially expatriate. Their expatriates mark a major major share of market size.  (R. I. Tim Niblock 1984)

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