Sample Essay

For instance, if we choose to describe the probability of the occurrence of a harmful event by two degrees, certainty of the occurrence of the event and danger of the occurrence of the event, the subjects involved will be stopped from entering the area where the event may occur if the probability is to the heights of certainty. However, if only the danger of the occurrence of the event exists, then the subject party will be only warned of the possibility of the harm that might be cause to them from the occurrence of the event. Hence we can infer that the extent of probable damage defines the degree of intervention that must be exercised in matters where harm can occur due to an event or a series of events. Taken to the realm of speech and its implications, the same pattern can be applied and when done so, it is observed that the possibility of harm coming from the exploitation of the freedom of speech is observable only when it is at its peak and the need for intervention becomes undeniable.
It is necessary to highlight here that the reason for the application of limitations on the freedom of speech is not because of issues of immorality but because of the disrespect of the frame of reference of the rights and values of another person.

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