Sample Essay

‘General implications for instructions’: According to Linda Elder and Richard Paul the student who is to become Critical Thinker must go through the six stages mentioned above, it is not necessary that those who go through the process are successful there are many who do not reach average stage, it needs exploiting the mind of the young to understand and follow teachers instructions.

The teachers must follow certain rules to help the student to achieve the goal; as the student is not aware of his thinking abilities, the teacher must expose the student to decision making in the classroom and help him to recognize and discover his thinking power, the activities in the class room play a significant role in development, teachers must give an example of  a problem and allow the students to think loudly about the problem and evaluate their ideas closely and understand good and poor solutions; improving their own thinking and knowledge, as some students are slow to understand usually the few intelligent ones do the discussions but the teacher must make the slow  and shy to expose their thoughts so that they can gain confidence, and understand the problem which is necessary , teacher must point out to students to activate their thinking as a good habit in the daily life, it is the teacher who helps students to acquire good reading habit as problems can be solved by knowledge from reading, activated thinking and reading helps the student to understand the connections between  the different subjects and situations, it depends on how they use their minds in daily life and all students cannot become master thinkers only just a few can fully develop all the traits of master thinkers.

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