Sample Essay

(1)   What types of goods are normally being imported from numerous countries?

(2)   Which goods are of high demand in New Zealand Local Market?

(3)   Which countries are on the top list of exporting goods to New Zealand?

(4)   What types of new goods have high demand in New Zealand?

(5)   Do you think the quality standards are maintained by the manufacturing countries?

Brief Report:

After a brief interview conducted with the representative of trade aid importers, a few things were learned that are to be highlighted in this report. First of all it was focused on the aspect of imports made by the government of New Zealand. It has been agreed and well explained by the representative of the trade aid importers that New Zealand relies heavily on imports to sell variety of products to the local people as manufacturing sector does not produce enough amounts of goods to meet the local demand of the customers. There is a variety of products that are being imported in New Zealand ranging from garments, electronics, eatables as many more.  The demand of garments is more in the country as population comprises of more youngsters who are conscious in dressing up properly and the new trends in the fashion sector. After from garments, electronics such as mobile phones and many other household appliances are imported in the country to meet the local demand. Countries that are exporting goods to new Zealand are Japan, Malaysia, Korea and Singapore as they are having good reputation in the electronic and trade sector plus being geographically closer to new Zealand makes them favorable for exporting goods to New Zealand.

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