Sample Essay


One of the basic external influences on the buying pattern of consumers is the culture which comprises of religious beliefs, geographical location, values etc. Religion has almost no role to play in the purchase of a Chrysler, however my geographic location probably does. Since I am living in a country where the use of such cars is not only common but also essential at times, therefore this would play a positive role in my purchase of this vehicle. If I were in an Asian developing country for instance, the use of such a car would have made my presence in the society too obvious since such vehicles are uncommon. So if I were the kind of person who does not like to draw attention to myself I certainly would not buy this car.

Group Influence/word of mouth

The kind of crowd I hang out with will also have a role to play in the decision of buying this car. If I move around in the status conscious crowd who judge a person by the type and brands of things they own, I would probably go ahead with the purchase.

Moreover the feedback I get from those people I who have used this vehicle will definitely have an impact on my decision. Positive or negative feedback both wills influence my buying behavior…

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