Sample Essay

Exxon had always been a low profile company that did not involve a lot in the media and news. Nonetheless, in times of crisis companies are expected to communicate with the public and make them aware of the steps that are being taken in order to resolve the issue. Exxon however, refused to communicate openly and effectively with the media and the public. The media is highly active in matters relating to the environment and the well being of the surroundings. Hence, it was expected that the media and public would be vigorous towards the issue. It was expected of the chairman or other top management officials to respond to the media in order to show consideration and contemplation towards the damage caused.

There was an enormous amount of fine levied upon the company by the law towards corporate responsibility but this loss was not greater than the loss of reputation which was far more important for the company as its image was permanently flawed. This incident caused Exxon to lose its market share and drop down from the largest oil company to the third largest. Also, Exxon was held responsible for causing an economical and emotional damage to the people who generated their living through fishing and were now suffering financial losses. (Hamilton and Hamilton, 1990)

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