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During the course of time, there have been numerous companies that have been subject to catastrophe and crisis and have not been successful in managing and implementing policies to control the disaster which results in a unquantifiable loss of trust, image and public relations for the companies. One of the major events that can be categorized as being under discussion as such kind of events and adversities is the incident of oil spill occurring almost two decades ago, that continues to remain the largest environmental disasters that took place in theUnited States. Exxon which is now comes under the brand name of Exxon Mobil was once the worlds largest oil company. It captured 50 percent of the market share and was considered as the largest growing oil company in the world. This was until the debacle struck and the company’s crisis management came under extreme criticism and disparagement.

In 1989, while the Exxon Valdez oil tanker was on its way to California, the ship ran aground on thePrince William Soundand began spilling oil in large quantities. This was a catastrophic event and could only be taken better care of provided action was taken immediately. This was a large crisis for the company and needed instantaneous action and management in order to control, if not cease, the damage that was occurring with the passage of time. It is said that the accident occurred due to the overdose of alcohol consumed by the captain of the ship and other crew members who were responsible for the docking the ship and avoiding it to run aground. The event that occurred could be taken care of if there was some instant action implemented to control the leakage and avoid the environmental damage. However, the major factor that aggravated the media and the general public was the way the company handled the situation. (The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill)

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