Sample Essay

What the company is pursuing:

There are a number of programs that the company is planning on pursuing. It would run a tour around all the major cities to promote its brand through the new environmentally friendly perspective. Exxon would carry out presentations and press releases on how it would take necessary steps in rehabilitating the marine life through out the country and how it would make it possible to restore and recuperate the species that were ceased due to the oil spill incident.

The programs would also include giving aid to the fishermen and Native Americans who suffered economically as well as emotionally due to the incident.

The top management including the chairman would make press tours around different cities and around the affected areas ofAlaskaand make arrangements for making a difference to the people and helping them renew their view towards the company.

The company would also make customer testimonials which would be aimed at showing the customers that they are important. The company would aim on releasing statements over the event and would take the responsibility of the mishap and the lack of coordination and management of the incident. It would assure through the plan that it would carry out a more environmentally active role.

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