Sample Essay

Face book has emerged as a major social venture in the last few years. It has spread its wings by leaps and bounds and is home to millions of members today.  Face book was supposed to be just any other social networking site but they cashed in on the popularity of MySpace and rout and improvised their concept into an all new more effective one of their own. The result was phenomenal. Today, face book has trespassed the likes of its counterparts, those sites which existed way before it even happened.

Complete integration and continued differentiation kept working for them. The primary focal point of Face book and its users was the renewed concept of privacy it offered. It made the users administrators of their own profiles allowing them not just to control who can search them but who can see what, read what is in their respective profile.

FB, in the beginning construed for college and university students only in 2004. Today it has grown into an extremely popular social networking website that stands out as open to everyone. It has over thirty million members worldwide and is the seventh most visited site in the United States. It has almost 15 billion page views every month. (Variety 2006)

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