Sample Essay

They reasoned it with them and presented FB as an opportunity. An opportunity to move beyond the line and crack those untapped potential customers without even paying a fee. The fact that FB is visited by millions every day was simply the cherry on the topping. At the same time, it also allowed members to write blogs and post links to their favorite websites out there. Ergo if one wants to market their products through the likes of face book and MySpace, then the most important thing would be to establish and build up on a following.

This is precisely what worked for face book as well. It allowed its millions of users to send and accepts friend requests in huge numbers. Face book kept growing and with that it helped other businesses grow as well. At the same time face book also offered advertisement services. Tailor made ads could be published to a pre-quailed audience. Hence, interested clients were accessible without the tiring research work. (Facebook Marketing Articles and Resources n.d.)

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