Sample Essay

Face book biggest trump card became its ability to attract marketers in turn for other websites. So it worked as a circle. “You market for us, we market for you” a concept that worked somewhere in between the affiliate marketing model and the business to business model. FB moved up through sheer hard work. It had a clear idea for the kind of services its consumers would need even before they knew what they wanted. They used their innate sense to launch their product time and again.

There was also this inherent realization on their end that they had to think out of the box and go beyond the traditional approach. Because online marketing differs remarkably from the traditional means of marketing. It is never only enough to have a great email campaign, an extremely illustrative website and a list that would make even the best marketing gurus go green with envy. They not only worked on optimizing and cashing in on the usual search engines but went beyond and used FB only to launch their internet marketing business. They offered the same incentive to other prospect and current marketing folks too.

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