Sample Essay


Government rules and regulations have for long affected the performance of the automotive industry all over the world since the early 1960s.  Most of the regulations emanate from environmental concerns and the urge for consumers to have access to faster and safer automobiles.  The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act introduced back in 1966 forced automobile manufacturers to modify the quality of the automobiles to improve the passengers’ safety, driver’s visibility and the car braking system especially in case of an emergency.

The increase in oil crisis with a risk of depletion of the available non-renewable oil resources in the future and the effects of global warming as a result of air pollution, other acts were passed to encourage the manufacturers to make cars which are energy saving and reduce air pollution.  For instance, the Clean Air Act of 1970 demanded that the automobile industry work towards a 90 percent decrease in emissions released from the automobiles.  Another act known as the Energy policy and Conservation Act passed in 1975 required that all automobiles should meet a standard mileage per gallon.  The Intermodal Transportation Act of 1992 demanded that all automobiles industries install front airbags in the cars they manufacture.  All this and other policies have affected the quality and the success of the automobile industry (Greenber, 2004).

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