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There are several factors that contribute to the productivity of a workforce. A key factor, perhaps one of the most important of these, is motivation. No organisation can survive in the long run without the proper motivation that is required to perform a job. It does not matter whether the work at hand is difficult or easy, if the person performing the work has the proper motivation to perform it, as motivation is an energy, which drives a person to success and away from failure. For all these reasons, it is essential to keep a check on the level of motivation that exists in a workforce, to ensure that the needed level exists and to ensure that it does not go below this level. This check should be a continuous one, as there are several barriers to motivation, which can easily affect how well the employees work, and cause frustrations in the organisational management. Due to this fact, this research proposal plans to conduct an in-depth exploration into this specific area of organisational management, and identify these barriers, which cause frustration; and will analyse their effects, such as leading to declines in worker productivity and efficiency.

Research Statement

Due to the above-mentioned plan for this research, it shall be conducted by basing actions on the following research statement. This statement describes the focus of the study, and will enable the researcher in achieving the aims and objectives of the research, and conduct it with focused and concentrated approach:

To identify and analyse barriers to motivation process causing frustrations in the organisational management


A focused research also requires a well-established aim and objectives that will help broaden the horizon of the study as well as focus it to the relevant path. Thus, this proposed research aims to first identify and explore all the barriers existing in an organisation, including physical, psychological, as well as sociological barriers. Once they identify these, the researchers will then examine the extent to which they affect the employees in how they act and feel, and whether the existence of that factor relates to a decrease in the employees’ motivation or not. After that, the researchers aim to explore organisational decision-making, and the psychological and social barriers associated with them, which often determine the degree of success that decision can achieve. Finally, the research will explore the importance of a manager’s role in the classification of such barriers, and will go into how much power and influence a manager has over such barriers, and whether they can manipulate these factors to increase the motivation that is prevalent in the organisation. This last objective will serve as a practical application to the research, as it will apply the research statement to daily life.

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