Sample Essay

As a matter of fact, the system was never prepared to tackle with such inhuman acts of violence like the 9 / 11. The western world (U.K, USA) is willing to cooperate and punish only those who are the real culprits. Unfortunately, their Criminal Justice System is not designed to filter out the real culprits from the bunch of innocent minority communities which have been living in their countries for centuries. As a result, the communities on the whole become suspects, and often the criminal justice system, satisfies its desires of punishing the culprits, by punishing the innocent.

Hence, according to my analysis, internal and wider factors both effect the Criminal Justice systems , yet , which of the two is most effective depends on which region is being considered. In my opinion, internal factors, such as over burdened courts and uncoordinated environment of the criminal justice system (as in the case of less developed countries), can be altered. Internal factors that effect the efficiency of a system are always easy to amend provided there are people in the authorities who willing to do so. As far as the external factors are concerned, they are more or less out of the control of a system. Acts of violence due to gender biases are a result of an attitude that needs a whole change of mindset, which takes time. On the other hand, acts of terrorism like 9/11 are unanticipated. No system, on the face of the earth could have imagined that the security system of the super power of the world could fail so badly.

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