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Hence , one can see , that wider yet minor factors like attitude of people also have a massive impact on the laws of  Criminal Justice system. Such impacts vary not only by the gender / race of people involved in crimes, but also by the various circumstances, in which criminal activities occur. These variations of circumstance sometimes require the Criminal justice system to mould its rules and regulations accordingly.
Availability of Finance plays a huge role in the subsequent execution of Criminal Justice. If judges and lawyers are well paid, and investigation agencies are well developed and organized into a proper hierarchy then justice is more easily and speedily available to the common man. On the other hand, if the government doesn’t have enough funds available to support a proper judicial system, then anarchy prevails, from which originates corruption.
According to a research article, in America, for the period 1982-1997, total direct spending on criminal justice had increased by 262 percent and further had reached to an enormous amount of $130 billion by 1997(Vogel, 2003).
Often criminal justice courts are found over loaded with work and many cases remain pending for a long period of time. Mostly this is considered an administrative inefficiency, and it is often the establishment, on the whole, that is accused of such tremendous delays in proceedings. Yet it is the lack of finance that indirectly plagues any system including the criminal justice system .In December 2007, Cook County’s courts were reported to be under a huge pressure of pending cases.  According to a report almost, 28000 cases per year were handled by The Criminal Courts Building at 26th California, and each judge on an average undertook 275 cases (Herman, 2007).

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