Sample Essay


The kind of occupation, the type of friends I have, the way I talk, the way I dress up, the places I hang out at etc all determine my personality. This will have an important role to play in my purchase decision. I may have the need for a car like the Chrysler, but if it does not fit in with my personality, I would probably settle for another car. I need to see if buying a Chrysler fits into my budget. A part of the personality of some people is that they purchase out of their abilities if they have their heart on something i.e they may actually have to squeeze to but this car but will do it because it’s just stuck in their mind. Others would just ignore and kill that feeling and longing ness for a product because they simply cannot afford a car of this sort.


This is an important external factor that would influence purchase. If I have a small family, just need a car to come and go from work, do not often go on family outings etc I probably don’t need this car and will not buy it. However, if we are sporty kind of people, like to gather friends and family for picnics and outings, need the car for extensive traveling and also like to show off a little about the kind of car we have at home, then I would probably say yes to the Chysler.


This internal influence will be affected by issues such as financial position, time constraint, overall value and perceived risk. I would ask myself questions such as can I afford this? Do I need to make the purchase quickly? Am I getting my money’s worth? What if I make a bad decision? At this time the adverts need to be persuasive and people around me need to give me thumbs up sign to actually make me buy this vehicle.

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