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In this section, I will start by briefly defining what millennium development goals are, who set them and the several proposed avenues to achieving them. Then I will shift the focus to the sub-Saharan perspective where a brief out look on how this region is set to achieve these goals. Necessary subtopics on specific point will be given. This will be followed by an overview of the Millennium development goals as follows;

  • To end poverty and hunger
  • Attaining universal education
  • Gender equality
  • Child health
  • Maternal health
  • Combating HIV/AIDS
  • Attaining global partnership

Sub-Saharan Africa has set to achieve these goals be setting targets that go in line with the goals. These targets will be evaluated accompanied with the challenges frustrating them. They will be as follows;

  • High proportion of persons leaving on low income between 1990 to 2015
  • Under achievement for full and productive employment to for all
  •  More than half of population suffer from hunger
  •  Ensuring that access and quality of universal primary education is achieved by 2015
  •  Elimination of gender disparity in terms of education access and achievement by 2015
  •  Reduction of infant mortality rates by two thirds by 2015
  •  Striving to achieve by 75% reduced maternal mortality rates from 1990 to 2015
  •  To improve reproductive health universal access by 2015
  •  HIV/AIDS halting, reversal of spread and treatment access by 2015
  •  Halting and reversing of the malaria and other killer diseases by 2015
  •  Preservation of environmental resources through integration of sustainable development principles with national policies
  •  Access to sustainable basic sanitation, and safe and clean drinking water by 2015
  •  Improved housing by 2020 to mostly urban dwellers to reduce high rate of slum-dwellers.

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