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Furthermore, Headmaster at All Saints Catholic Secondary School in York, Bill Scriven, asserts that “We need to be institutions that can educate students, and to educate students it’s more than just passing exams. At that age children are examining their relationship with God; they may even turn away and see what that feels like. It’s that time when they’re really questioning, and I think it’s important that they do have the opportunity to explore that, and have a variety of influences to examine, to test and to think about their relationship and what God means to them.” (BBC, 2006)
As a response to this statement, secularist educationists criticized faith schools for being exclusive and biased. A child’s individual ability to make his own choices is curtailed. Moreover, blind programming of children is akin to child abuse. The child cannot in his own capacity, act in a certain manner or make attempts to have possibly frivolous comments being met with justifiable respect. Guardians of religious doctrines deem it sinful to accommodate questions that transgress their knowledge of religion.
Similarly, the influx of LGBT faculty and staff members has carved another niche in society. These members demand respect from their colleagues and have equal rights to positions that they are worthy of. Most faiths are intolerant of this sexual orientation and many vocational prospects for such teachers are in jeopardy.
Faith schools only believe in a pure blood concept and can sanction admission to those specific individuals who have sworn by their religious faith. “In order for there to be equality of access to education, there must be in place a fair and equitable pupil admissions process. Common admissions arrangements are the key to achieving this goal.” (National Union of Teachers, 2008) Since the Government has taken measures to fund such ventures, it should perhaps redirect its investments towards projects that support nurturing social and communal cohesion. This will develop a lot of tolerance and acceptability amongst children.

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