Sample Essay

My family is everything for me. For me, my family is very much important and I always put them first before my needs, demands and wishes. My dream was to become a doctor and I worked really hard day and night and saved a huge amount of money in order to get admission in the renowned institute of medical and science. I was very happy that now my dream will come true but my dream never came true.

Due to some financial problems my dad was facing problems in his work and he required a large amount of money in order to regain his position and also to stable his work. At that time in my family I was the only single person who has some amount of money and with the help of which my dad’s work can be protected. Therefore without even thinking about my dream I gave that money to my dad so that he can work well and can regain his position. Later on, my dad work was stabled and he was working very well without facing any problems. No doubt, my dream was left behind but I was still feeling happy because my family, my dad was happy. For me my family always comes first. I can do everything for my family, I want them to be happy, to be safe and protected. This is the main reason that why and how I forgot my dream of becoming a doctor and fulfilled my dad wishes and helped him in order to make him happy. If my family is happy, I am also happy because for me my family is my world and I don’t want to see a single tear in their eyes. If I have to do anything in sake of my family, I will do without even thinking because I want them to be happy and to be safe in their lives.

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