Sample Essay

Despite Indonesia having diverse culture, their ideology states that national values depend on family and each individual must belong to the family which is a basic unit of the society. The society is characterized by harmony and unity among the individual in the family through duty, respect and honor (Megawangi, 1999). Young generation has tremendously contributed to social change by pulling away from traditions.

Family system is based on the nuclear family, the husband is entitled with responsibility of being a family head and the wife has responsibility of managing household daily activities. Monogamous marriages are highly regarded though polygamous is permitted. Divorce rates were high in the past but have greatly reduced in the recent years. The environment is favorable for women and they uphold high status since society believes that husband and wife must work together for the best. The equality in inheritance and women’s control over the property give women the ability of empowerment. Indonesian women in the family are independent and they hold high status in society.

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