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T his testimony against dictatorship is most powerful when, the author is alone in his cell and he tries figuring out his own as well as the nature of his captors. But the author, pertains to both his interrogators and his readers that the personal element can not be taken away from the political or the historical. The most basic struggle of the author here is to understand why Fascists of the Argentine military became so passionate in their anti-Semitism as well as much of his exposure of death squads or corruption.  For the author himself, all of these elements, tend to form a single combined effort, one “that at times took the form of Zionism, at times the struggle for human rights, at times the fight for freedom of expression, and at other times again the solidarity with dissidents against all totalitarianisms.” (Timerman, p.22). The whirlwind of argument surrounding this book should not unintelligible its qualities and its imperfection.

The book, as a lyric work out and an appearance of moral indignation, it is expressive, even superb; but at the same time it is deeply blemished, vague and deceptive. Because of the literary skill that is present, the reader is enticed to skim over the lapse or distortion of basic information, relevant questions and full answers. At the time of putting forward his case against the Argentine government on enormous allegations of anti-Semitism, the author has intensely overstated and imprecise Argentine demonstration of that brutal truth.

Brisk reserve expansion is necessary for Saudi Arabia’s plans to stimulate the growth of the petrochemical sector, as well as for electricity generation and for water desalination.

According to OPEC and other sources, natural gas production (estimated at 2.7 Tcf in 2007) stays limited, as soaring costs of production, exploration, dispensation and distribution of gas have constricted the supply, while an expected 13 to 14 percent of total production is lost to venting, flaring, reinjection and natural processes. Saudi Arabia has no net imports or exports of natural gas. (EIA)

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