Sample Essay

Barely curbing the male population’s questionable conduct was the female administration’s periodic, passive declaration of “feminism.” (270) In fact the female administration contributed to their own victimized status by trusting, accepting and depending on the dominance of an abusive male power that compromised the safety and potential psychological well-being and physical well-being of the forthcoming victimized female residential population.

Professionalism did not ignite the conclusive decree of a “radically feminist” administration.  (270) Instead, the conclusive declaration of a radically feminist administration was the final exhaustive attempt to claim a sense of control in an otherwise abusive and chaotic development process that completely violated and ignored the defining premise to protect and empower women.  The female administration followed the stereotypical continuum of a woman whom trusts a male party based on short-sided and “starry” ideals without fully considering the dangers associated with this potentially dangerous male party. This female administration ignored the potential dangers of an unknown male population who ultimately violated and victimized this female population.  The female administration should have avoided ambiguity by consistently adhering to professionalism and feminism and constantly recognizing the importance of maintaining awareness of a potential male threat.  Accordingly, the female administration’s appropriate application of professionalism based on feminism would have adhered to the guiding principles of the community development initiative by protecting themselves, as well as the forthcoming victimized female population.

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