Sample Essay

In general, women of all races have experienced various predicaments in their positions of leadership. Modern women are emerging from a past era which saw women regarded as highly inferior and incompetent in their capacities to successfully embark on similar endeavors as their male counterparts. Since those times women have gravely fought for equal rights and this has endowed them with various forms of protection rights. Their struggles continue on even as they become marred by never ending stereotypes which plague the society at large.

For white females, their fight has only been focused on gender based concerns as their race has been predominantly acknowledged as the ideal societal construct. However, African American women have had to grapple with both gender and race issues. This literature review showcases various strongholds in feminist studies which offer support for female African American leaders. Both critical race feminism and the black feminist theory provide justification for female African American leadership. African American women are presented as being a part of a unique minority group which requires to address both gender based and racial concerns. As such, leadership becomes a crucial endeavor in trying to overcome the existing stereotypes.

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