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Critical race feminism is considerably inclusive of a race intrusion in the feminist dialogue as this perspective does acknowledge the feminists’ emphasis of the presence of continuing gender oppression in today’s society. However, the proponents of this theory fail to completely align themselves with feminists as they claim such movements are suspect to the generalized definition of women’s issues as those affecting white women. In fact as Hooks (2000, p.55) portends, the American feminism has evolved significantly due to the acknowledgement of the reality of race. White women are distinctly aware of the different status that they uphold as opposed to other women of color.

In essence, the same must be accepted by black men of the existing differences between themselves and their female counterparts. In this light critical race feminists are more involved in accentuating the individual characteristic issues faced by different women of color. As such, African American women are rendered powerful and are no longer voiceless or submissive to social traditions. African American leaders are often in social conflicts emerging from discrimination from the dominant white race and also from their own male African Americans who also tend to comprehend their dilemma. Their misguided perception is that female African Americans experience racism just like them and also failed to accept the presence of sexism in the African American community. It is thus crucial for African American Women to take up their own fight and instigate critical race feminism.

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