Sample Essay

However, Walkland (2003:56) indicates that this threat is countered by the identification of Lara as an object of sexual fantasy. This is attributed to the extreme feminine features that characterize Lara. At this point in time, it can be ascertained that despite the fact that Lara has increasingly been employed by feminists as a model, the male gamers always find a countering assumption to further their status in the society. According to Lee (2004: 31), this implies that efforts to attain the desirable state of independence and self reliance are bound to face opposition from the male segment of the society.

Fundamentally, this opposition is inclined in the current policies, laws and legislations that favour male dominance. Numerous female gamers identify with Lara and perceive her as an ideal female. They identify with the inherent strength, independence and intellect that characterize Lara. As indicated earlier, Lara is used to ascertain that females can exhibit exemplary performance in different scenarios. They only need a chance to show that they can really achieve this goal. Notably, the answer to this is inclined in the capacity to unmask the traditional logos that perceive men as being superior in the society.

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