Sample Essay

With regard to female victims, Kinder (1991: 51) indicates that most of the cases related to domestic violence and rape are not often reported in a timely manner. Further, such cases are in most instances dropped especially when the perpetrator is known to the victim. This is contributed to by a number of factors. To begin with, Berger (2002: 89) points out that the environment at the police station is always intimidating for women.

This is due to the fact that most officers are men. It therefore becomes very difficult for the rape victims to express themselves with ease. In some cases, some victims do not report the cases because fear of the intimidating environment. Then, Bremck, Henning, Killen, O’Connor and Collins (2007: 402) ascertain that some rape and domestic violence cases are dropped because of poor communication between the police and the victims. Again, this is attributed to the differences in gender.

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