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According to Smith, Feng Shuei is comprised of two words, Feng meaning wind and Shuei meaning water. This force is quite helpful in balancing the life of individuals by maintaining a proper balance in the energies carried by these individuals. It is mostly concerned with the married life. For the couples who have got married recently and if they to lead a passionate and energetic life, they must act upon Feng Shuei’s ethics. For the wall paintings it has been suggested that either pink or sky blue colors must be used.
If the couples want to use the astonishing power of yin and yang, feng shuei has suggested that young couples must not use murky or vivid color. Feng Shuei has also stated that romantic relationship gets troubled if you watch Television with your partner in your bedroom. Drawing can be the only place where you should watch TV programs. Books and stationeries should also not to be kept in bedrooms.

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