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Over the years, the two companies have constantly presented some extremely enticing and exhilarating cars that money could buy, and today it’s no different. Auspiciously for consumers, the cars they present today are also enhanced, improved and better than they have ever been, offering reliability and sturdiness along with speed and thrill (Zane 2010).  Ferrari currently makes the F458 Italia, a mid-engine, V8-powered sports car. The 458 replaces the F430, which is still offered in convertible form as the F430 Spyder. (Zane 2010)

Even under the shadow of corporate giant Volkswagen, Lamborghini continues its tradition of producing cars that are shocking to the average viewer and appealing to those who are in search of exotic looks and adrenalin-inducing performance (Zane 2010).

Ferrari is established to be ready for action and have more than 50 years of racing history which includes Formula 1. Lamborghini doesn’t share the same past. However, the events of success of Lamborghini and the long stay of Ferrari in the minds of speed racers were inevitable. Both the companies are striving today though Lamborghini had seen crucial times; it has paced with speed to stand parallel with Ferrari.

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