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When it comes to top-notch deluxe sports car from the world, for that matter, the two most reminiscent and spectacular names that come to the mind are Ferrari and Lamborghini. While the two companies are often referred to in one breath, their rivalry is just perfect. They are quite different and allure their owners for disparate accounts. Sam Smith, a writer, once wrote in an article: Where Ferrari and Lamborghini are concerned, the rivalry is so perfect that, if it didn’t exist, some Hollywood screenwriter would have to invent it (Smith 2009).

Background and History:

Ferrari is evidence to Enzo Ferrari’s glorious and humongous madness: sports cars legend. Enzo, a notoriously autocratic icon, made the dream of ideal sports car come true. The cars from Maranello have long been the exotics to love and drive pedigreed pieces of rolling art (Smith, 2009).

Enzo was born in 1898 in Modena. His father owned a small metal engineering company which built bridges and roofs. Enzo was enticed towards racing when he was taken to watch a race at the age of ten. When he grew up he took part in a race; Targa Florio. He lost the race because of the oil leak in his car’s tank. He didn’t give up and competed in several races as an Alfa racer. After several achievements, Enzo decides to become an industrialist (Ferrari 2010).

In 1928, Enzo Ferrari founded Scuderia Ferrari. Initially it was taken as a race team. A flourishing racecar driver moved ahead to become a successful industrialist. The first Ferrari road car was the 125S, made in 1947 (Zane 2010).

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