Sample Essay

Mrs. Lightfoot Lee is the one who actually fights out with all the criminal activities and the in justice which has been going around the globe and for a women it was a great achievement for her stand up and save the victims who were innocent. She had the courage to stand up and fight against the corrupt organizations and by resolving those issues she could actually help the surrounding area get out of injustice. Because according to her principles, everyone is born free but in chains, she wanted to change this concept and bring a revolutionary change not just with her surroundings but to this whole world.

This movie has also identified innovative ways in which he has represented the work of a culture with the law firms and most commonly to those people who haven’t ever got a chance to justify their deeds. This Female was an example the way she fought against all the wrong things which were actually conducted by the different leading firms. Mrs. Lightfoot Lee never aimed to just win a battle on her own or have her picture hung in everyone’s house, she wanted the part to be shared in by each and every individual and this landmark wasn’t to be achieved by herself alone if she wasn’t supported by her husband Mr. Lee. Being a true support helped Mrs. Lightfoot Lee to win battles of sacrifices and her determination to win a case against all the odds was a big achievement for her an image maintained by this female was similar in being stereotypical.

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