Sample Essay


Fictional work is a brilliant work for the people who experience modern expressions in life and helps them deal with the people which actually help them to come up with innovative ideas. Fight Club, a film by David Fincher was responsible for producing this corporate capitalism in theUSwhich made his agenda clear- to be an entrepreneur venture.

Hence, in this research paper we’ll be focusing more on the organizational behavior which could actually help one realize the skill, capacity and the nature of work and it would be focusing more on the basic principles of the corporate society. The main purpose of it was to make a pathway for the organizations and the other working centers to follow the same pattern as examples are definitely set by their work through the films which are there to entertain us when we want ourselves to get entertained, to document a film on a certain topic or a person, serials which are mostly liked by women at home, press which is the most popular these days knowing the current situation of the world, simulations in virtual reality and the literature of children’s.

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