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Credit costs will be reduced by ten percent from year 2009 to year 2010. The department will ensure that working capital costs be kept at one percent of revenues over the next three years. Additional capital needs will be fulfilled by raising capital by the parent holding company of Ducati motorcycles. Additional needs for capital will be met by taking short term loans from financial institutions. Extraordinary needs in capital expenditure can be met by discussing with strategic management and raising capital by offering shares in the market. Any extra ordinary need in capital shall be met by   the department will strive to keep the current ratio and debt to equity ratio constant over the period of next three years.

Revenue shall be increased by ten percent by working with all supporting departments and cutting unnecessary costs in each department and streamlining procedures that could save costs incurred. This shall be achieved over a period of two years by detail assessment and redesigning. Based on the forecasted sales figures of marketing department all costs will be budgeted and aimed to be held constant over the current fiscal year. A twenty percent of cushion will be held in additional reserves at the end of fiscal year to avoid liquidity crunch for contingency planning approach. The department aims to increase Earnings Before Interest, Taxation, Depreciation and Amortization margin by ten percent over the next two years. Return on Equity shall be improved by five percent over next three years. Return on Assets will be increased by two percent over current and next fiscal year. The company will allow maximum ten percent return to investors keeping in mind its future investment needs.

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