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All of the information that has been presented in the article can be used in further fire prevention techniques. Unique and innovative techniques and methods can be introduced while bearing these basic methods in mind. The article constantly emphasizes that safety and prevention are extremely necessary in order to have a safe and happy camping trip, which would be safe not only for us but for our families and the people camping near us at the same camp site. The information is very basic but it can be used to come up with further ways and methods to put off fires.

What is more is that in the current times this information is being used by hundreds and thousands of people so as to ensure that their camping trips are safe and this information is also being used by people so as know the to do’s and not to do’s during their camping trips. The information is very basic and easily understandable by any layman, hence giving the article much admiration and credit.


     In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that the article that has been taken under consideration for review provides some rather basic information about camp fires and the ways that we can take up so as to make our camping trips more fun and safe at the same time.

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