Sample Essay

The third point moved ahead by the author of the article is that another threat presented to the campers at camping sites is the hazardous gas carbon monoxide. The author has stated statistics telling the readers that every single year about three hundred deaths and four hundred and fifty injuries take place because of carbon monoxide poisoning. These deaths and injuries are caused by mobile heaters, lanterns, as well as stoves that are placed inside tents, vehicles along with other areas that are confined and for safety precautions the author states that stoves, candles etc should in all circumstances be kept outside the tent or enclosed areas. The use of flashlights and battery-powered lights is prefered. I have chosen this article because of the fact that it presents in-depth information about fire blazes how they are caused as well as how they can be ignored. The article is brief and to the point which makes it even more readable, providing me with yet another reason to choose this article for my essay.

It is said that, “In 2002, more than 74,000 wildfires burned more 7.4 million acres in the United States, costing the U.S. Government an all time high of more than 1.5 billion dollars to fight, control and extinguish these forest fires. As our population grows and we encroach more and more into undeveloped areas, much of our wild lands, state and national parks are immediately adjacent to these suburban areas, putting homes at a very high risk” (Prevent forest fires while camping, 2004). With these statistics in mind it is our responsibility to make sure that we take every single precautionary step that has been mentioned by the author.

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