Sample Essay

The five five-fold virtues of Gawain when combined together present to us a very strong and well-balanced man. According to Matias, Gawain was a firm man and an exemplary knight considering that he was always alert as he is “faultless in his five senses.”, he was skillful and he never was “found … to fail in his five fingers”, he remained loyal to God and his religion for “his fealty … was fixed upon the five wounds that Christ got on the cross”, he was focused when it came to challenges and battles, for “all his force was founded on the five joys / That the high Queen of heaven had in her child”.

Also, he has showed “on the inner part of his shield her image … that when his look on it lighted, he never lost heart.” Eventually, Gawain has all the characteristics and the five virtues which are required for a person in order to fit well in social settings, which are “beneficence boundless and brotherly love / and pure mind and manners… and compassion most precious” (Matias, p.1 and Tison, p.1).

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