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The main faults that were present in his personality are his pride and his drinking habits.  But Frank also tells us of the times when his father is sober and this is the time after Margaret’s birth. Hence it is true that Malachy’s personality encompasses three people in him, he reads the paper to his children in the morning in a whisper, helps them at night with their exercises and prayers and is also the person who comes home drunk.

There are times when Frank writes about his father without any bitterness in his tone.  The times when he tells him stories and according to the author, “When you have your father to yourself by the fire in the morning you don’t need Cuchulain or the Angel in the Seventh Step or anything” (McCourt, p. 56). The author can stop being bitter towards his father by not mentioning his drinking habits again and again. The only bit where Frank seems to be a bit critical of his father’s personality is when he keeps on mentioning his drinking habits. The part where Frank is least critical about his father is when he says, “I feel sad over the bad thing but I can’t back away from him because the one in the morning is my real father and if I were in America I could say, I love you, Dad, the way they do in the films, but you can’t say that in Limerick for fear you might be laughed at. You’re allowed to say you love God and babies and horses that win but anything else is a softness in the head” (McCourt, p. 58).

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