Sample Essay

The world that we live in today is way too diminutive and susceptible to be in this world living fuming and single-handedly, as a result the call for broadmindedness, love and consideration is considered as extremely imperative. These mentioned individuality of intellect, indispensable for cheerfulness are properly put up in Buddhist meditation and in that way they form a great part of the life and practice of the followers of the Buddhist religion. Exculpation and temperate open-mindedness, harmlessness and serene empathy are distinguished trade names of Buddhism, they are provided without restraint and largely to all varieties of beings, inclusive of even animals as well as, most prominently, to the person himself. There is no room for abode in culpability or hatred of ones owns self in Buddhism, with no place for even having feelings of guilt about being guilty!

 Knowledge and practices such as these are the main sources of characteristics of moderate thoughtfulness and unbreakable peacefulness that are linked with the Buddhist belief for twenty five centuries and greatly required in the current times. With its long history, it is evident that no war has ever been fought in the Buddhist religion or for it. It is because of this tranquility and this open-mindedness, stepping beyond an insightful nevertheless levelheaded way of life that has made Buddhism so fundamentally applicable to the current world (Religion & Ethics – Buddhism, 2008).

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